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Our Privacy Policy




As we have two contact forms on our website, we’ll be collecting data about you and using this to complete your order.

On the general contact form we collect your full name, email address as well as any information you enter into the ‘message’ field so that we can get back to you with any general query you may have.

On the ‘order form’ we also ask for your full name, email address and message as well so we have all the information we need to be able to create a quote for you. In addition we ask you which stationery items you’re interested in as well as quantities so we can provide you with an accurate as possible quote. We ask for your wedding date so we know what order to prioritise enquiries by and also so we can work out if our lead times allow us to actually fulfil your order. We ask what country the order will need delivering to so we know roughly how much to charge for postage. We also ask you what your stationery budget is so we can work out the best offer for your budget. The very last question asks how you heard about polkadot Stationery because this is really helpful information that lets us work out which of our marketing efforts are working the best.

We will never pass on or sell your details to any third parties.


By signing up to our newsletter you’re agreeing to receive regular newsletters from us about related information which we think you’d find interesting or useful. You can unsubscribe from this at any time. If for some reason you have tried to unsubscribe but are still receiving marketing from us please email us at hello@polkadotstationery.co.uk and we will sort this out for you.

We will never pass on or sell your details to any third parties.